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What Makes Our Classrooms Different?

Technical Support ETC Montessori
Wednesday, March 05, 2014

7 reasons why our Complete Classroom Solutions are different.



Update Assurance. Your purchase of a complete classroom solution comes automatically with a one (1) year of update assurance. For you, that means that any new product we release, within one year from the date you purchased your classroom, and we include it in that classroom for the following year, you will receive that item FREE of charge.


Full Time Consultants on hand to help with questions. We have a number of consultants and each one is Montessori trained. This means that not only will you receive the answers you are looking for but you will talk with teachers and guides that have first hand experiences with the materials and you can find out how they have implemented them in their classrooms. Our consultants cover the spectrum from early childhood to middle school. Many of them are not only teachers but actual Montessori trainers with experience both in the public and private sector.


On-Site assistance to help your teachers with implementation of the curriculum. Schools that purchase 5 or more classrooms receive an on-site consultant for up to 5 days* that will help your teachers in the organization and implementation of the materials. This service is offered at NO charge to your school district.


Fully integrated curriculum that teaches subject matter and problem solving through learner centered design. When you purchase curriculum materials from ETC Montessori you will actually receive a full curriculum. We don't believe in taking a set of materials and dividing it up into smaller parts. Each set of curriculum is complete and includes all aspects associated with that subject so that you can effectively and fully implement your presentations.


Warranty on printed materials with FREE replacement policy. We stand behind our printed materials. If you purchased a complete classroom and you happen to misplace a card, or "the dog ate it", just give us a call and we will help you replace those missing cards at no cost to you. You don't even have to pay for postage.


Meet AMS Criteria. All of the curricula that is included in a full classroom meets the essential requirements a classroom should have, as set forth by AMS. See how our Complete 6-9 classroom and 9-12 classroom meet these requirements.


Meet Common Core State Standards. Schools that purchase 5 or more classrooms receive a pacing guide to help teachers understand and implement the Montessori materials, curriculum and standards in conjunction with the CCSS. No need for your teachers to spend hours looking for alignments and claims of materials that are aligned. Our Montessori consultants have already done the work.


* Actual days range from 3-5 depending on the number of classrooms purchased.