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Value Added Services in an ETC Montessori Classroom

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016




Value added services in an ETC Montessori full classroom solution.


If the essence of a Montessori classroom is its beauty, thoughtfulness, and the way things are arranged, then its hallmark is the idea that the curriculum and the way concepts are taught is through hands on materials.


In 2003 we began ETC Montessori with the goal of creating a better timeline. In the spring of 2010 we began selling classroom solutions. In our list of first, we were once again one of the first to incorporate the concept of giving Montessori teachers and administrators complete solutions as they started new classrooms, or updated their old Montessori curriculum. Fast forward five years and we now offer over 1700 different Montessori products. And though once we were known as the “timeline people” today we are also known for the “full classroom” company that offer classroom solutions that are second to none.


The idea of offering these full classroom solutions quickly became a popular concept, and a few other companies attempted to reproduce the idea and offer their own solutions. So what is it that a customer looking to equip a brand new classroom should look for when purchasing a full solution? How does a purchasing agent of a new Charter school or a school district, distinguish between what is right?


At ETC Montessori we have narrowed down the differentiating factors so that you can make a better more educated decision when it’s time to make such a significant investment. Following is a list of the value added services that come standard with ETC Montessori full classroom solutions.


Curriculum Fullness

One of the most important aspects that needs to be closely examined is how the Montessori curriculum is integrated and presented in the package. When you purchase curriculum materials do you actually receive the full curriculum or is everything offered as a piecemeal option? In other words, check to make sure that you get all the components of what makes a Montessori curriculum a true curriculum. Today it has become common practice to take a set of materials and divide them up, selling individual components as individual curricula. By this we mean that if you are purchasing Botany Classified Nomenclature, you should be receiving the entire set which includes the 3 part cards, the control charts and the booklets. Instead what often happens is that each of these components is listed as individual entries, leading the customer to believe that they are getting a long list of items, when in reality the opposite is true. A teacher should be able to effectively, and fully implement the necessary presentations.


Teacher Support

As costs for raw materials continues to rise, the cost of a complete classroom often rivals the cost of a car. Therefore, a complete classroom solution is and should be viewed as an investment. A company that stands behind the materials that are in the classroom solution should be large enough to offer some sort of a guarantee, but small enough to care for each client. What type of support will you receive after you have walked away with such a large purchase? Are there consultants? Are they Montessori trained? At ETC Montessori our consultants are not only Montessori teachers, but they are also Montessori trainers. This means that when you call in with questions about implementing the curriculum, you can rest assured that the answers you receive will work. Every classroom solution includes complementary support. Teachers can receive one-on-one support, either by phone, or Skype.


A Heutink/Nienhuis partner

Attention to detail and quality has always been something we continue to strive. Our company spirit of “Total Montessori” has driven us to partner with one of the oldest names in the Montessori world - Heutink/Nienhuis. All of the hardwood materials that go into creating our full classroom solutions carry the Nienhuis brand name, and guarantee. Today Nienhuis is equivalent to the standard in Montessori materials, while ETC is considered to be the standard in Montessori curriculum. ETC Montessori is the only approved vendor of Heutink USA allowed to carry the full line of hardwood materials under the Nienhuis brand within the United States. Therefore, when you place an order that contains hardwood materials, you will notice that your order will come directly from the Nienhuis warehouse in California.


Warranty and FREE replacement

All of the printed materials are produced in the US, right here in Houston Texas. Furthermore, in order to ensure quality control, we do all of the printing and finishing in-house. For this reason, we stand behind every single card that leaves our Houston warehouse. If you purchased a complete classroom and you happen to misplace, or damage a card, just give us a call and we will help you replace those missing cards at no cost to you.


On-site Assistance

Schools that purchase 5 or more classrooms receive an on-site consultant for up to 5* days at no additional cost. Montessori teachers, especially new teachers can get hands on support in the organization and implementation of the curriculum and materials. With ETC Montessori being an approved Continuing Education Provider for many school districts throughout the United States, your teachers can also receive CEU or professional development credits at the same time at no additional cost.


Update Assurance

Your purchase of a complete classroom solution comes automatically with a one (1) year of update assurance. For you, that means that any new product we release, within one year from the date you purchased your classroom, and we include it in that classroom for the following year, you will receive that item FREE of charge. For your students, it means that the curriculum they have in their hands will stay up-to-date.


Meet AMS, CCSS and NGSS standards

Everything included in our full classroom solutions has been carefully selected so that your new or updated classroom will be able to meet the AMS essential requirements of a Montessori classroom.


Schools that purchase 5 or more classrooms receive a pacing guide to help teachers understand and implement the Montessori materials, curriculum, and standards in conjunction with the CCSS. As many states begin to implement the New Generation Science Standards, we have also begun the process of emphasizing the importance of having a deep understanding of science concepts and engaging in scientific thinking. To do this you will notice that all of our science curricula place an emphasis on an inquiry-based approach with an even greater emphasis placed on hands-on experiments, rather than relying on nomenclature and writing projects. Our approach has always been the doing of science!