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Upper Elementary Geometry

Aki Margaritis
Friday, January 03, 2014


One of the things we often do at ETC Montessori is take a look at our products and evaluate how things have changed and what we can do to make them innovative, fresh and exciting to the children. Our 9-12 Geometry curriculum was no exception. For years it was one of our "big sellers", but times are changing and it was time to stop and take another look at it.


We took it apart. We analyzed the different components that made up this curriculum, we took the input we had received and we came up with a new product that we feel confident will please and impress many of you out there. So without any further delay, I will try to list the problems that we faced in the "old" curriculum and how we have dealt with them in the "new" Upper Elementary Geometry Curriculum.


Issue #1:


Problem: The set of materials is overwhelming.


It's true! in the old version of the upper elementary geometry you would receive a set of cards that would remind many of you the 1918 college textbook of Gray's Anatomy Manual. Many of you made a valiant effort to categorize the color coordinated cards, and then figure out how to implement all the elements that were included in the set.


Solution: Break it up into easy to implement sections.





After talking with many teachers we decided to re-write the entire series and make it more manageable. What we came up with was a set of materials that is easy to implement as well as actually visualize the progress your children make. The Upper Elementary Geometry (9-12 Level Geometry Curriculum) is now available as three different components.



Upper Elementary Geometry - Area Work Cards

Upper Elementary Geometry - Volume Work Cards

Upper Elementary Geometry - Task Cards and Constructions


Issue #2:


Problem: Answer Key.


The original set of materials was designed to be used in a way where a students was able to come up with a multiple set of solutions. It was designed to be a dynamic set of cards where children were able to explore geometric ideas and come to the realization that geometric axioms were true through hands-on discoveries. The one problem that came up over and over was the fact that we did not include an answer key. As classroom dynamics changed over the years an answer key became imperative.


Solution: Create a Teacher Manual with an Answer Key


Each new element of this curriculum now contains an answer key book. We believe this new addition will allow teachers to fully implement each section since they now have the ability to quickly check for correct answers.


Issue #3:


Problem: What else can we do to make it better?


Geometry is dynamic, it is exciting and if presented correctly it captivates children. Montessori children are exposed to geometry from an early age. When they first begin working with the triangle box, or the hexagon boxes, their imagination is on fire. The colors, the shapes, and the possibilities all come together as they discover the ideas that will become the foundation for developing thinking skills.


Solution: So why stop there?


We didn't! The new Upper Elementary Geometry Task cards and Construction is now METIS ready. This is a significant new addition to our innovative solutions. Information about METIS will be available soon, and at that time this blog will be updated with the new features that will complement this section of geometry.