U.S. History: Spanish-American War to Vietnam


U.S. History: Spanish-American War to Vietnam

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  • Reproducible for one classroom

    A thinking approach to learning history. Makes history fresh, relevant, and real!

    Description & Features

    Critical Thinking in United States History uses fascinating original source documents and discussion-base critical thinking methods to help students evaluate conflicting perspectives of historical events. This process stimulates students' interest in history, improves their historical knowledge, and develops their analytical skills for assessment tests.


    For each lesson, students examine two or more perspectives of an event using analysis and evaluation skills such as identifying types of reasoning and evaluating sources. Through debating historians' evidence, inferences, analogies, and assumptions, students come away with a deeper understanding of specific events. They also learn to examine any historical, or current, event with a more critical mind.

    Instruction/Answer Guide

    Includes objectives, teaching suggestions, focus questions, and answers. Use of the guides is highly recommended.

    Book on CD

    This Book on CD allows you to install and print the Student book and the Instruction/Answer Guide from your own printer. This book on CD is a useful alternative to photocopying.

    Includes the following:

    • Why Did McKinley Ask for a Declaration of War against Spain?
    • Why Was the United States Imperialistic from 1890 to 1929?
    • Who Was Primarily to Blame for the Lusitania Tragedy?
    • Why Did the United States Enter World War I?
    • Were Sacco and Vanzetti Guilty?
    • What Caused the Great Depression?
    • Was the New Deal Good or Bad for the Country?
    • Was the U.S. Justified in Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Japan?
    • Who Primarily Caused the Cold War?
    • Was the United States Right to Get Involved in the Vietnam War?
    • Why Did Blacks Have Less Upward Mobility Than Immigrants in Boston?
    • What Are the Causes and Effects of Women Working Outside the Home?
    • Was the Kennedy Assassination a Conspiracy?

    U.S. History: Spanish-American War to Vietnam

    U.S. History: Spanish-American War to VietnamU.S. History: Spanish-American War to VietnamU.S. History: Spanish-American War to VietnamU.S. History: Spanish-American War to Vietnam

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