Timeline of Native Indian History (Display)


Timeline of Native Indian History (Display)

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    Newly UPDATED with the latest events, and highlights pertaining to the Native American Nations, which took place during the Obama years.


    When the rest of the Eastern World was enjoying an explosion of culture, literature, and freedom, the American Indians were fighting to stay alive. When others were considering ways of moving up in society, the American Indians were watching their children being taken away by the U.S. Government so that they may be Americanized. Follow the struggles of the American Indians through this time-line and give your students a true sense of what human rights are and what these proud individuals went through in order to maintain them.

    The timescale on this timeline is the same as our timeline of American History (TL-029), allowing you to use both timelines to view cause and effect relationships.

    As with all our timelines this too is constructed from material that does not need to be laminated. This timeline will stand up to more than just the wear of everyday use. Constructed from specialized paper it is 100% waterproof, chemical spill resistant, UV protected against fading, tear and crease resistant.

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    Take a look at our History Flow Chart for Upper Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori history curriculum.

    Timeline of Native Indian History (Display)


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