Developing Numeracy Kit 2


Developing Numeracy Kit 2

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    Young children are able to subitize (able to recognize without counting) sets of 1 to 5; however, we all know how difficult it is for children to move forward with quantities of items from 6 to 10. These 5 sets of pattern cards were developed and inspired by the research conducted by Dr. David Sousa's "How the Brain Learns Mathematics."

    A companion piece to Developing Numeracy Kit 1. Kit 2 uses iconic pictures of activities or items associated with that particular month. This allows for school year long rotation ensuring that child's interest.

    These pre-math activity cards promote developing skills in one to one correspondence, greater than and less than, and emerging numeracy.

    The complete material is designed around 10 months with each month set containing 10 cards for a total of 100 cards.


    Developing Numeration Activities

    Printed on solid, thick plastic

    Developing Numeracy Kit 2


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