Upper El. Advanced Math Task Cards


Upper El. Advanced Math Task Cards

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  • The task cards that so many teachers have been asking for are finally here. Completely redesigned from the ground up to give you and your children the concepts that up until now have been so difficult to grasp, implement and analyze. 
    To give you this new set of task cards in advanced math we looked at creating opportunities for children to not only use the Montessori materials but to explore the concepts, giving them the ability to "analyze" and "implement".
    Explore incredible ideas! Square roots, multiplication of binomial, cubing, addition with negative numbers, subtraction with negative number, division and multiplication with negative numbers, alternative forms of multiplication, and algebraic word problems. 
    Meets CCS standards, as well as those suggested by the American Montessori Society. 
    This set includes the following:
    • Over 180 double sided Math Task cards. Each math task card offers a front and a back side. We designed the front side to offers students all the pre-algebra concepts as stated by Common Core Standards, along with lessons based on the classic Montessori advanced math concepts. The back side offers all algebraic math word problems, giving students ample opportunities to explore implementation and analysis techniques. 
    • Card game (Bones), specifically designed to give students further experience in forming mathematical equations using basic and advance math symbols to practice order of operations. This is done in a non-competitive, yet entertaining manner.
    • A teacher's lesson book. Here you will find all the information you, the teacher, will need in order to do the presentations that are not part of traditional Montessori training. Each presentation is given so that you can have step by step instructions on presenting, along with direct and indirect aims, and follow up activities. 
    • A student answer key for each problem and section of the card.

    Take a look at our Math Flow Chart for Upper Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori math curriculum.


    To fully containerize this material, we recommend 2 slotted boxes

    This set of materials is now also available as an iBook for the iPad, iPhone or Mac, and Google Play Books. To explore more click on the relative badge below:




    Upper El. Advanced Math Task Cards

    Upper El. Advanced Math Task CardsUpper El. Advanced Math Task CardsUpper El. Advanced Math Task CardsUpper El. Advanced Math Task Cards
    Upper El. Advanced Math Task CardsUpper El. Advanced Math Task Cards

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