Understanding Geometric Constructions


Understanding Geometric Constructions

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  • Aimed at advanced upper elementary and middle school students. 24 activities allow your students to explore traditional geometric constructions using only a compass and a straight edge.

    Students are first guided through the concrete constructions using a compass and a straight edge. They are then moved into more abstract geometric concepts the use of Cabri Jr. for the TI-83/TI-84 calculator.

    Each lesson is designed to engage students in group activities and analysis of concepts. Open ended questions are included with each lesson to encourage higher level thinking skills.

    Constructions include:

    • Constructing congruent Segments
    • Constructing The Midpoint of any Given Segment
    • The Mascheroni Construction of Finding the Midpoint of a Segment
    • Constructing Congruent Angles
    • Constructing the Bisector of an Angle
    • Constructing an Equilateral Triangle
    • Constructing a Perpendicular Bisector of a Given Segment
    • Constructing the Perpendicular to a Line at a Given Point On the Line
    • Constructing the Perpendicular to a Line at a Given Point Not on the Line
    • Constructing a Parallel to a Given Line
    • Constructing a Square
    • Constructing a Right Triangle
    • Constructing an Isosceles Right Triangle
    • Constructing an Isosceles Trapezoid
    • Constructing the Orthocenter of a Given Triangle
    • Constructing the Centroid of a Triangle
    • Constructing a Tangent to a Circle at a Point On the Circle
    • Constructing a Tangent to a Circle Through a Point in the Exterior of the Circle
    • Finding the Center of a Circle
    • Circumscribe a Circle About a Given Triangle
    • Inscribe a Circle in a Triangle
    • Divide a Given Segment into Specified Number of Congruent Segments
    • Constructing a Fourth Segment in Proportion to Three Given Segments
    • Constructing a Segment Whose Length is the Geometric Mean of Two Other Segments

    ***For those who want to use the calculator to perform these constructions please note that the TI-83/84 comes preloaded with the application. No additional purchases are required.***

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    Understanding Geometric Constructions


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