Six Kingdom Chart


Six Kingdom Chart

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    6+ $54.00

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  • The Six Kingdom Chart comes with:
    • Control chart
    • Mute chart,
    • Individual movable pieces describing characteristics of the six kingdoms, and
    • Labels

    Movable pieces come printed on thick 15 mil plastic, cut and ready to use. 

    Control and mute charts are made from the same material (recycled plastic) that our timelines are constructed from so there is no need for lamination of the charts.

    Full color charts with actual real life photographs to engage students. Made from the same material that our timelines are constructed. No need to laminate this chart.


    Take a look at our Science Flow Chart for Lower Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori curriculum


    This set of cards is now available as an iBook for your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. To explore more and see samples of this new feature follow the link below:

    Six Kingdom Chart

    Six Kingdom Chart

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