Fables, Myths & Legends. Level 6-9


Fables, Myths & Legends. Level 6-9

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    This set of materials rounds out your literature based program. Children read different fables, myths and legends and through a series of activities are asked to make literary connections. This multi-purpose set can be used for independent work or guided reading activities. It will enhance your cultural curriculum and expose children to higher level reading analysis skills. 



    The materials provided here, offer stories from around the world, though an emphasis has been placed on Aesop's tales. Beautifully decorated with pictures drawn from fellow students the materials are not only easy to read but designed to offer children inspiration to create their own stories with pictures. 


    A set of three different level folders are also provided that place an emphasis on reading comprehension while incorporating writing skills.


    The set includes:

    • Teacher's Edition
    • Student's Edition
    • Hercules & The Nemean Lion Script
    • Other Myths from around the World
    • Task Card Folder with Questions Level 1 (15)
    • Task Card Folder with Questions Level 2 (15)
    • Task Card Folder with Questions 3 (15)
    Fables, Myths & Legends. Level 6-9

    Fables, Myths & Legends. Level 6-9Fables, Myths & Legends. Level 6-9

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