Spanish E.C. Complete Curriculum Solution


Spanish E.C. Complete Curriculum Solution

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    Printed on Plastic & Cut

  • This solution is designed for Those seeking to add a well rounded resume for the Early Childhood class in a Spanish language environment. It is Assumed That the school has the hardwood materials and is only They need looking to supplement printed materials That support the hardwood.


    The materials listed here come ready to put on the shelves. All items will be cut, with all corners rounded, and either printed on plastic and cut or laminated and cut.


    Includes the following:


    • Color patterns Cylinders (ECSP-0304)
    • Basis for Pink Tower (ECSP-0301)
    • Basis for Brown Stairs (ECSP-0302)
    • Geometric Solids 3 Part Cards (ECSP-0305)
    • Parts of the face (ECSP-0480)
    • Visual Color Discrimination Case I (ECSP-0615)
    • Visual Color Discrimination Case II (ECSP-0616)
    • Visual Discrimination By Size (ECSP-0617)
    • Visual discrimination Figures (ECSP-0618)
    • Facials expressions Visual Discrimination (ECSP-0619) 
    • Color (ECSP-0635A)
    • Color Matching work (ECSP-0635B)


    • Math facts - Addition (ECSP-0311A)
    • Math Facts - Subtraction (ECSP-0311S)
    • Math facts - Multiplication (ECSP-0311M)
    • Math facts - Division (ECSP-0311D)
    • Equal, Greater Than, Less Than (ECSP-0315)
    • Equal to, greater than, and less than with Golden Pearls (ECSP-0316) 
    • Snake game Kit 1 (ECSP-0320A)
    • Snake game Kit 2 (ECSP-0320B)
    • Developing Numeracy Kit 1 (ECSP-0327)
    • Counting 1-10 (ECSP-0329)
    • Counting 1-20 (ECSP-0307)

    Geography / History :

    • Flags of North America and Greenland (ECSP-0501)
    • Flags of South America (ECSP-0502)
    • Flags of Europe (ECSP-0503)
    • Flags of Asia (ECSP-0504)
    • Flags of Countries of Africa (ECSP-0505)
    • Oceania and Australian flags Territories (ECSP-0506)
    • Weather patterns (ECSP-0529)
    • Parts of the Flag (ECSP-0510)
    • Land Formations Kit I  (ECSP-0526A)
    • Land Formations Kit II (ECSP-0526B)
    • World Continents and Hemispheres (ECSP-0577)
    • Planets (ECSP-0583)
    • Telling Time - Beginning (ECSP-0332)
    • Community Helpers (ECSP-0535)


    • Pets 3 part cards (ECSP-0426A)
    • Pets Matching Cards (ECSP-0426B)
    • African Animals 3 part cards (ECSP-0428A)
    • Dinosaurs 3 part cards (ECSP-0435A)
    • Dinosaurs Matching Cards (ECSP-0435B)
    • Dogs - Kit I (ECSP-0420A-1)
    • Dogs - Matching Cards Kit I (ECSP-0420B-1)
    • Horses 3 part cards (ECSP-0427A)
    • Horses Matching Cards (ECSP-0427B)
    • Insects 3 part cards (ECSP-0440A)
    • Invertebrates 3 part cards (ECSP-0450A)
    • Invertebrates Matching Cards (ECSP-0450B)
    • Fruits 3 part cards (ECSP-0467A)
    • Fruits Matching Cards (ECSP-0467B)
    • Vegetables 3 part cards (ECSP-0468A)
    • Vegetables Matching Cards (ECSP-0468B) 
    • Flowers 3 part cards (ECSP-0469A)
    • Construction Tools 3 part cards (ECSP-0530A)
    • Animal Young (ECSP-0605A)
    • Animal Groups (ECSP-0605B)
    • Animal Homes (ECSP-0605C)
    • Kitchen Utensils 3 part cards (ECSP-0638A)
    • Clothing 3 part cards (ECSP-0640A)
    • Clothing Matching Cards (ECSP-0640B)
    • Associations: Around the House (ECSP-0608)
    • Associations: Sports (ECSP-0609)
    • Associations: Food (ECSP-0610)
    • Associations: Outdoor Activities (ECSP-0611)
    • Rhyming with Objects (ECSP-0603)
    • Sequence Story Cards Kit I (ECSP-0602A)
    • Sequence Story Cards Kit II (ECSP-0602B)
    • I Spy Activities with objects (EC-0606)
    • Learning to Read (Orange, Red, Purple) with objects (ECSP-0670)
    • Parts of the Whole (ECSP-0648)
    • Same and Different (ECSP-0649)
    • Open and Closed Figures (ECSP-0647)


    • Amphibians 3 part cards (ECSP-0401A)
    • Amphibians Matching Cards (ECSP-0401C)
    • Butterflies Matching Cards (ECSP-0411B)
    • Birds 3 part cards (ECSP-0408A)
    • Birds Matching Cards (ECSP-0408B)
    • Fish 3 Part Cards (ECSP-0415A)
    • Reptiles 3 Part Cards (ECSP-0417A)
    • Mammals 3 Part Cards (ECSP-0424A)
    • Mollusks 3 Part Cards (ECSP-0445A)
    • Living and Non-Living Sorting Cards (ECSP-0021)
    • Plants and Animals Sorting Cards (ECSP-0022)
    • Vertebrates & Invertebrates Sorting Cards (ECSP-0023)
    • Five classes of Vertebrates Sorting Cards (ECSP-0405)
    • Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores Sorting Cards (ECSP-0485)
    • Animals of Seven Continents Sorting Cards (ECSP-0579)
    • Looking for patterns - Mats (ECSP-0481.1)
    • Looking for patterns - Cultural (ECSP-0481.2)
    • Parts of a Bird (ECSP-0456)
    • Parts of the Horse (ECSP-0457)
    • Parts of a Frog (ECSP-0458)
    • Parts of a Fish (ECSP-0459)
    • Parts of the Turtle (ECSP-0460)
    • Parts of a Leaf (ECSP-0461)
    • Parts of a Tree (ECSP-0462)
    • Parts of a Flower (ECSP-0463)
    • Parts of a Fruit (ECSP-0466)
    Spanish E.C. Complete Curriculum Solution


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