Línea de la Civilizaciones del Hombre


Línea de la Civilizaciones del Hombre

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    The timeline of Ancient Civilizations spans the period from 5000 BC to 300 AD. Beautifully reconstructed and up to date based on the latest information and findings. The timeline displays the empires that existed at that time as well as the factors that influenced their rise and decline. The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia are the continents that are displayed and explored.

    As with all our timelines this too is constructed from material that does not require lamination. This timeline will stand up to more than just the wear of everyday use. Constructed from specialized paper it is 100% waterproof, chemical spill resistant, UV protected against fading, tear and is also crease resistant.




    Small Size: 11" x 52"

    Full Size: 18" x 9 ft.

    Línea de la Civilizaciones del Hombre


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