Línea de la Comunicación


Línea de la Comunicación

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  • Communication is one of the most important aspects of civilization. Students can now begin to understand how communication influences every aspect of our lives. This full color timeline can be used for the Great Lesson of Language. It provides a thorough overview of the history of written language. This timeline is contstructed using the same timescale as the timeline of science, explorers, music, art, math and world religions.

    As with all our timelines, it is constructed from specialized paper that is completely waterproof, will not tear or smudge even if it is wet. All the inks used are completely UV protected so that they won't fade.

    Because of the durability of the material there is no need for lamination.




    Small Size: 11" x 52"

    Full Size: 18" x 9 ft.

    Línea de la Comunicación


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