Agrupaciónes de la Comida


Agrupaciónes de la Comida

  • Item Number: ECSP-0610
  • Price: $19.00

  • Volume Price:
    1-5 $19.00
    6+ $17.10

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  • Container
    3 Part Card Container $253 Part Card Container

  • Associations - Food

    Association cards are generally used to develop vocabulary and oral language. The associations in this set focus around items that children love - Food!

    Our cards are carefully chosen so that children are allowed to recognize everyday items while developing an understanding of how they are associated with each other. The set includes cards to create 12 different associations for a total of 24 cards.

    Association cards lead to conversations about the use of the items, where they can be located as well as an introduction to developing an understanding about physical characteristics of objects and substances.

    Chosen for their use of color and attention to detail, each picture is an actual photograph that will attract and stimulate the child.

    Card size: 3¾"x5" 

    Printed on solid, thick plastic

    Agrupaciónes de la Comida


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