Spanish Reading Series


Spanish Reading Series

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    Estas serie nuevas están diseñadas para introducir, facilitar, y practicar la lectura de palabras empezando con palabras de tres letras, dos silabas, y palabras con sonidos mezclados.  Los estudiantes tendrán amplias oportunidades de formar y practicar palabras con ejercicios que son divertidos y emocionantes. El objeto de las series es de brindar facilidad en practicar ejercicios con fotos reales y objetos que invitan y encaminan al niño gustosamente a la lectura.  Enfocamos la serie con un ritmo que es simple para los estudiantes de seguir y practicar en obtener fluencia y comprensión. Teniendo en mente el paso que el niño necesita para supera cada actividad, esta serie los prepara para avanzar la lectura con gran éxito. 

    6 libros son incluidos y el manual para maestro también esta incluido.

    These new series are designed to introduce, facilitate, and practice reading. Included you will find work with three letter words, two syllable words, and words with blends. Young readers are given ample opportunities to work and practice reading through the use of exercises that are not only fun but will excite them. 

    The objective of the Spanish reading series is to create connections. This is accomplished through beautiful objects as well as real pictures that guide the child to joyfully practice reading.  With an easy to implement rhythm and pace, the child will be able to focus and follow the order of the presentations to achieve fluency and comprehension. Everything a young reader needs in order to successfully complete each activity is included. The series is designed to prepare them for advance reading by successfully developing their thinking and processing skills. 

    6 books are included and a scope and sequence is also included. 

    This set of materials comes ready to be used in the classroom. All cards are cut and all corners are rounded.

    Printed on solid, thick plastic

    Spanish Reading Series

    Spanish Reading SeriesSpanish Reading SeriesSpanish Reading SeriesSpanish Reading Series
    Spanish Reading SeriesSpanish Reading SeriesSpanish Reading SeriesSpanish Reading Series
    Spanish Reading SeriesSpanish Reading Series

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