The New Plastic has arrived


Discover the benefits of our NEW Plastic at ETC Montessori.


We are pleased to announce that beginning September 15, 2017, all ETC Montessori materials that are printed on plastic will be done so on the new 15 mil plastic. This long anticipated transition has been in the works for almost seven months and now the wait is over. 


In keeping with the standards of our partners, the new plastic is far thicker than the original plastic used by us up until now, and it sports a number of new features and benefits for our clients. When you first handle materials printed on this plastic, the first thing you notice is the weight. To get a quick-and-dirty idea and a point of reference of what a 15 mil piece of plastic feels like, create a stack of 15 pieces of normal paper. Since the materials is solid plastic the most important benefit to our customers is the loss of needing to laminate anything. It is flame retardant, so instead of burning like paper would, the plastic will simply melt. It is completely water proof and will withstand direct sunlight.


Priced at the same point as lamination, customers who at one time were weary of the cost associated with plastic no longer need to worry. Additional benefits include the color fastness associated with the new materials. It will not yellow, crack, split of break. It has enough flexibility to withstand day to day use, yet retains its shape and lays flat.


For those classrooms that require to have their materials disinfected, the durability of the color and the plastic make it an ideal solution. Since you may use bleach to disinfect the items you no longer have to worry about paper absorbing moisture, bubbling, or delamination. Finally, for those of us who for years have put up with the shine and glare of laminated items, rest assured that you no longer need to worry about this. The new plastic has a beautiful matte finish that prevents glare, while the actual composition of the material makes it ideal to be used in any environment, from wet to dry and anything in-between. 


For a quick preview of the new plastic click on the picture below.