ETC Releases Flow Chart for Upper Elementary History


The following interactive chart is provided for your reference. It contains the sequence and the flow chart for Upper Elementary History materials. 

Click on a subject and you will be directed to the appropriate materials that will help you meet those requirements. Please keep in mind that ETC Montessori curricula are not only aligned with Montessori recommendations but also standards aligned.

History Flow Chart 9-12 Clock of Eras Timeline of the Eras Timeline of the Eras Research Cards Timeline of Life Timeline of Life Research Cards Early Humans Bundle Timeline of Early Humans Timeline of Early Humans Research Cards The Human Journey Human Migration Chart Stone Tool Nomenclature Human Migration Pattern Charts Native American Indian History Bundle Timeline of Native American History Native American Tribes Chart Fundamental Needs of Native Americans Native American Indian Creation Stories Ancient Civilization Bundle Timeline of Ancient Civilizations Ancient Civilizations Research Cards Gods of Ancient Civilizations Timeline of Explorers American History Bundle Timeline of American History Timeline of African American History American History Research Cards American Presidents