ETC Montessori Enters India




Entering the Montessori market of India.



As the economy in India continues to grow at a steady pace, and with solid economic fundamental in place, we have seen a considerable growth in the middle class, with particular interest in quality education. That, along with the long history, beginning in the 1940's, that Maria Montessori developed through training in India, has prompted us at ETC Montessori to take a closer look at the educational market there. Over the past 5 years, we have been working to develop strong relationships and trust with Montessori schools. We believe that this is the time to begin serving Montessori schools and children in India. 


Starting January 2018, ETC Montessori will begin making Montessori printed materials, extensions and Montessori curriculum available to the Indian subcontinent. Many Montessori guides have expressed particular interest for our Primary printed materials, along with our well known and readily used ETC timelines.


Beginning early October, ETC Montessori began negotiating special rates with our international shipper. An agreement was reached in late November to employ negotiated shipping rates that could benefit our customers.. Through this agreement we are now able to offer FREE shipping on all ETC Montessori printed extensions, reading, and curriculum intended to be used in the primary level. Although customers may purchase Montessori curriculum for elementary I and elementary II, the free shipping options is currently limited to the early childhood printed extensions and timelines.


To receive the free shipping option, customers need to place a minimum order worth $500.00 of Primary or Early childhood materials or ETC Timelines. Any products in those categories totalling $500 or more will receive free shipping to India. Although the order may contain other materials, the minimum total for free shipping applies only to the Primary/timelines items.


We hope to continue building on the trust we have developed with our customers there, and encourage communication if any questions or concerns arise. We remain committed to the quality that has characterized our company culture as well as the customer care that we plan on providing. For further information please contact us


For step-by-step guidance on how to place your order to India, please follow the link here