Can I track my packages via e-mail?

Yes, it is now possible to track your packages directly through FedEx or UPS by simply sending an email.


Once your order has been completed and shipped you will receive a notification directly from ETC Montessori that will contain your tracking number. Although you can visit the FedEx or UPS website directly on any computer or mobile device we do understand that sometimes this is not possible.


To track your package from FedEx without visiting any websites do the following:


1. From the email you received from ETC Montessori copy the tracking number.


2. Create a new e-mail message. In the "To:" area, type (it is not necessary to type anything on the subject line.)

3. In the body of the message enter the shipment tracking number we have provided you with. To track multiple shipments/orders, you can enter up to 30 tracking/order numbers (one per line or separated by a comma).

4. Send the e-mail.