How do I access the free downloads?

ETC Montessori no longer offers free downloadable PDF files. In an effort to provide you with the highest quality items that are continuously updated and monitored, we have stopped providing free items that remain unmonitored or tracked through the appropriate distribution channels.


If you have been redirected to our web site from a blogging site that featured some of our free items, please note that these items were offered prior to 2008. We now focus on providing items that are printed using some of the latest and most innovative printing techniques on the market. 


If you are are strictly looking for low cost alternatives and are interested only in PDF documents, we encourage you to look at our select PDF files that we are making available for a small fee by following the link here


A further alternative is to take a look at our iBook selection of items that are readily available for your iOs devices. To view our entire selection of iBooks that feature interactive elements, please follow the link here.