Do you accept PO's from Public School Districts?

Yes we do. Public School Districts and Charter schools may submit Purchase Orders provided they are signed by the Treasurer or the Purchasing agent indicating and certifying that money has been allocated towards the purchasing of the products listed.

Please note the following terms that apply to POs:

We are currently operating two different warehouses with two different official company names. All hardwood Nienhuis materials are shipped under the Nienhuis Montessori imprint from Mountain View CA, and all printed curriculum is shipped under the ETC Montessori imprint from Houston TX. Therefore, in order to streamline and expedite your order among the different warehouses, the following steps must be adhered to:

    1. Purchase orders may NOT contain mixed items from Nienhuis and ETC Montessori. Please separate your purchase order(s) to those containing all the Nienhuis items and those containing all the ETC Montessori items. This allows us to route the appropriate PO to the correct warehouse. Failure to separate your POs will result in delay and returned POs so that the issue is addressed by your purchasing department and fixed.

        2. Purchase orders are only accepted from school districts, public and approved charter schools.

      3. All purchase orders come with NET 30 days. If your district requires a different NET please contact us to make arrangements.

    4. We do not accept purchase orders from schools located outside the United States. We do have distributors throughout the world that might extend credit to your instituion. To locate a distributor please look for an ETC agent in your country.

      5. Customers who submit purchase orders will be billed for partial shipments of items that have shipped and verifiably received.