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1About customs entry, security fees, duties, taxes, and tariffsShipping
2Can I take out or modify the items in the standard classroom solution?Multiple
3Can I track my packages via e-mail?Multiple
4Can you tell me more about Plastic and Lamination?Plastic Printing
5Do I need an RMA#?Returns and Service
6Do you accept American Express Cards?Credit Cards
7Do you accept PO's from Private Schools?Purchase Orders
8Do you accept PO's from Public School Districts?Purchase Orders
9Do you charge a restocking fee?Returns and Service
10Do you have an explanation for the Grammar BoxesSupport
11Do you have examples of how to containerize and display materials?How to Display/Containerize
12Do you have PDF files for download?Support
13Do you normally provide assessments or checklists for work completed?Assessment
14Do you refund shipping costs?Returns and Service
15Do you ship to my country?Multiple