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Elementary I and II AMS Credential


The 2017 cohort for obtaining your Montessori Elementary I/II credential is now forming and we are accepting applications.



Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center is an AMS affiliate and MACTE accredited Montessori teacher training facility. We specialize and offer Montessori credentials for Elementary I-II. Our unique approach, approved by both accrediting agencies, allows the adult learners to attend a learner friendly schedule. Gulf Coast Montessori TEC provides instruction over 2 summer sessions. Six weeks for the first summer with July 4th week off. Five weeks for the second summer with July 4th week off. Three mid-course sessions are included with each session being Thursday and going through noon on Sunday.



This new structure allows for Elementary I-II teachers to complete the entire course in a more timely manner, while our approved model will allow emerging teachers to be better supported through their first year, especially for those in an Upper Elementary classroom. This is accomplished by having Adult learners receive instruction in Elementary II practices during their first year, instead of waiting until the second year course to be completed. Adult learners are presented materials and lessons for lower elementary as well as fourth level and half of fifth level in math, language arts, and cultural.



Our model has an additional benefit to employers. Upon the candidate's completion, school directors can be assured of having a credentialed teacher in the classroom sooner, and under the 2-year model often used by other Montessori training programs.




Fifteen positions are made available for each year's cohort. Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center, is committed to maintaining a low adult learner to instructor ratio. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact us before sending any registrations to ensure that positions are still open. For costs associated with the program please view our tuition and fees web-page. For downloadable applications please visit our admissions page.



Calendar and schedule:


Enrollment Period

January 2017 -June 2017



June 11, 2017


Full Course

June 12, 2017 - December 1, 2018


Summer 1

June 12 - July 28, 2017


Holidays Summer 1

July 3 - 7, 2017


Fall 1

October 12 - 15, 2017


Winter 1

Feb. 1 - 4, 2017


Summer 2

June 18 - July 27, 2018


Holidays Summer 2

July 2 - 6, 2018


Fall 2

Oct. 11 - 14, 2018


Assessment Day

December 8, 2018





Registration fee $100

Tuition $7,600

Credentialing Fees$400

Manuals $ 500

Books $100

Total Expenses $8,700



The Elementary I-II course cost includes: tuition, registration fee, and four (4) practicum visits by a consultant (only consultant’s car mileage will be reimbursed—air fare needs to be paid by Adult Learner if regional consultant is not available). Adult Learners are required to purchase manuals ($500) used for the course which will be provided on an iPad. Cost of iPad is included in the tuition.


A published book list is provided and we recommend Adult Learners purchase (approx. $100) or borrow “required” books and bring them to the summer sessions since they may be referred to in class.


The Elementary I-II tuition and album cost listed above are guaranteed for the current course.


Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center is a subsidiary of ETC. To speak with a GCMTEC administrator please call us at 877.409.2929 or email us at We encourage you to explore GCMTEC by visiting our website at

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THE TRUSTED SCHOOL LEADER: Gaining Better Results, Deeper Stakeholder Relationships, and Greater Stability




Description: Trust is the single greatest indicator of successful leadership in any organization. That is the definitive and shared conclusion from decades of research conducted throughout many industry sectors (e.g. manufacturing, retail, technology, government, NGOs, etc.). Research also demonstrates that when schools and school leaders are marked by high levels of trust, they possess a significant advantage over other schools (e.g. higher levels of student achievement, increased teacher retention rates, decreased student behavioral issues, etc.). Through this workshop, experienced international school leader, trainer, and consultant, Toby A. Travis provides participants with practical, research-based, and intentional steps toward developing, maintaining, and repairing if necessary, the most critical characteristic for successful and effective school leadership… TRUST.



Video Promo:

When: June 10-11, 2017


Location: 979 Reseda Dr. Houston TX 77062


Cost: $300


Length: This is a two-day PD experience.


CPU or PD Credits: 20 hrs. A certificate will be issued for your state upon completion of the workshop


AMS PD Credits: 20 hrs.


Ideal for: Lead Teachers, Department Heads, Administrators, Administrative Assistants, Head of Schools, Principals, Vice Principals, Superintendents, Executive Directors, Division Heads, Grade-level-leaders, and anyone who might find themselves leading others.


Presenter: Toby A. Travis - Toby's organizational and leadership experience spans nearly thirty years and includes working in senior leadership roles of several international schools. He has assisted clients in over a dozen countries of the world fulfill their unique missions.Toby is a specialist in educational and academic leadership. He has extensive experience both as a practitioner of what he teaches and as a mentor to others. He provides insightful and compelling presentations, training, and consultation on the single most important attribute for leadership - TRUST! You can read Toby's leadership development articles at


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