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Montessori Infant & Toddler Assistant Training


This event is offered by Montessori Mentors LLC and sponsored by ETC Montessori. 

Topics Include

  • Birth through 3 years old
  • Montessori Philosophy
  • Child Development
  • New Brain Research
  • Positive Guidance
  • The prepared Environment
  • Role of an Assistant
  • Team Cooperation
  • Effective Communication

About the presenter: Michelle Battistone

Michelle Battistone is certified with her Montessori Birth to Three Credential. She brings 20 years of teaching and administrative experience with the birth through 3 year old age group to her presentations.

She has presented at numerous National AMS Conferences, is an active Field Mentor for Infant/Toddler training centers, and consults with ETC Consulting.

Currently she is Assistant Head of School and Director of the Infant/Toddler Curriculum at Hawthorne Montessori School in Austin, TX. Her passion is to share the joy of Montessori at the Infant/Toddler levels and inspire other for a love of learning.


When: Saturday 3/4/17 and Sunday 3/5/17. Sessions begin at 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Cost: $200 groups of 3 or more will receive a 10% discount


Where: Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center. 979 Reseda Dr. Houston TX 77062


AMS and TX CPE credits: 16 hours


For additional information please contact Michelle Battistone directly at or call 832-671-8487.


Payment may also be made directly to Ms. Battistone by following the link here:

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SHAPING A MONTESSORI COMMUNITY - Center for Applied Research in Dementia



Learn how you can make a difference in the lives of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease . Our seminars and workshops are beneficial for people who work in direct care with clients and for those who do not but would like to know more about the challenges of coping with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Read the brochure for additional information. 

MIL-SMC-APR2017 MIL-SMC-APR2017 (1060 KB) Montessori Inspired Lifestyle. Shaping a Montessori Community


Shaping a Montessori Community

This is a 2-day follow-up session designed to enable staff to facilitate the creation of resident-driven communities. The program is based on the demonstration project, “Helen’s Place,” which is currently being replicated in Australia and Europe.


Cost: $500

Spaced Retrieval

Spaced Retrieval (SR) is an evidence-based memory intervention that gives individuals practice at successfully recalling information over progressively longer intervals of time. SR utilizes remaining strengths and abilities to enable persons with dementia to learn new procedures to overcome daily challenges, thereby alleviating the symptoms of dementia and reducing caregiver burden. Pioneering research by Dr. Camp and his colleagues forms the basis for two days of intensive training with a major emphasis on visual demonstrations and hands-on exercises to address a wide range of specific challenges.


Resident Volunteers

Within every residential community is a potential corps of volunteers. Based on research that focused on training persons with early stage dementia to serve as activity leaders, this half-day presentation provides practical information and ideas for establishing residential communities in which each individual is provided with opportunities to interact socially, pursue personal interests, and use skills and talents.


Hiding the Stranger in the Mirror

This entertaining presentation by Dr. Camp is based on his book by the same title. The presentation features a series of case studies compiled by Dr. Camp through decades of applied research and problem-solving “in the trenches.” Professionals and family caregivers will find this presentation useful and empowering.


Call or email Vince Antenucci today for details!




Visit for registration information

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THE TRUSTED SCHOOL LEADER: Gaining Better Results, Deeper Stakeholder Relationships, and Greater Stability




Description: Trust is the single greatest indicator of successful leadership in any organization. That is the definitive and shared conclusion from decades of research conducted throughout many industry sectors (e.g. manufacturing, retail, technology, government, NGOs, etc.). Research also demonstrates that when schools and school leaders are marked by high levels of trust, they possess a significant advantage over other schools (e.g. higher levels of student achievement, increased teacher retention rates, decreased student behavioral issues, etc.). Through this workshop, experienced international school leader, trainer, and consultant, Toby A. Travis provides participants with practical, research-based, and intentional steps toward developing, maintaining, and repairing if necessary, the most critical characteristic for successful and effective school leadership… TRUST.



Video Promo:


Location: 979 Reseda Dr. Houston TX 77062


Cost: $300


Length: This is a two-day PD experience.


CPU or PD Credits: 20 hrs. A certificate will be issued for your state upon completion of the workshop


AMS PD Credits: 20 hrs.


Ideal for: Lead Teachers, Department Heads, Administrators, Administrative Assistants, Head of Schools, Principals, Vice Principals, Superintendents, Executive Directors, Division Heads, Grade-level-leaders, and anyone who might find themselves leading others.


Presenter: Toby A. Travis - Toby's organizational and leadership experience spans nearly thirty years and includes working in senior leadership roles of several international schools. He has assisted clients in over a dozen countries of the world fulfill their unique missions.Toby is a specialist in educational and academic leadership. He has extensive experience both as a practitioner of what he teaches and as a mentor to others. He provides insightful and compelling presentations, training, and consultation on the single most important attribute for leadership - TRUST! You can read Toby's leadership development articles at


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